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Assessment of Development Results UNDP Djibouti  Published Popular


Assessment of Development Results - UNDP Djibouti.pdf

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Assessment of Development Results   UNDP Djibouti

This is the report of an independent country-levelevaluation conducted by the Evaluation Office ofthe United Nations Development Programme(UNDP) between February and October2011. The evaluation, known as Assessmentof Development Results (ADR), examines theperformance and strategic relevance of UNDPand its contribution to development results inDjibouti from 2003 to 2011: this period includedboth the previous (2003–2007) and ongoing(2008–2012) UNDP country programmes.

Country Profile 2016  Published Popular


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Country Profile 2016

Economic Growth

Djibouti has registered an average gross domestic product (GDP)growth of around 5 per cent for the past five years, with an accelerationin 2015 (6.5 per cent).  The Government projects that growth will reach7.2 per cent in 2016, driven largely by public and private investments inits projects. The transportation and services sectors, including logisticsand communications, have been the bedrock of economic activity and growth.